For any residential project you plan to carry out, we will always be able to help. TMP Réfrigération will provide you with efficient advices on high-quality ventilation, air conditioning and heating products to buy and take care of the complete installation and maintenance.


When it comes to high-quality air supply and perfect ambient comfort, TMP Réfrigération offers top-notch products that reduce pollutant levels and amount of moisture.

Air exchanger

Our ventilation experts also install efficient, economical and superior air exchangers that purify the air in your house and evaporate the moisture. Enjoy a supremely comfortable home day and night.

Air conditioning

Say goodbye to humidity, sweltering heat or extreme temperatures thanks to our efficient air conditioning systems. Whether for air conditioner wall units or wall heaters, we will advise you on picking the perfect product!

Central system

Depending on your type of property–single-family home or other–, we will suggest a heating or a central air conditioning system that will reduce energy consumption and maintain an optimal ambient temperature during summer and winter.

Geothermal energy system

The geothermal energy technological system offered by our skillful installers is not only an energy-efficient solution, but also a long-term economical heating and air conditioning choice.

Complete design

Small or big projects… Because TMP Réfrigération’s team has at heart every detail, a great ambient temperature as well as your comfort, it guarantees an optimal design depending your needs and budget.

Ensure your comfort with our technological products

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Available financial assistance

Did you know that several government grants or programs were available for a new ventilation, heating or air conditioning system purchase? Here are some available grant programs strongly encouraging an eco-friendly, good and energy-efficient choice:

  • Chauffez vert
  • Éconologis
  • Maison Écolo
  • Novoclimat
  • Rénoclimat
  • RénoVert
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A high-quality turnkey service

Looking for changes, such as a new high-quality ventilation, heating or air conditioning installation–a wall-mounted or central system, an air conditioning or a heat pump? Let us take care of your technical project which will benefit from the best viable and strategic installation, tailored suggestions and a complete support from the quote to after-sales service.

Understanding your needs

We will assess your needs, draw and discuss them to provide you with a superior product according to your budget. We will customize your projects and understand your needs and requirements throughout the process.

Detailed quote

We will submit a transparent quote detailing model numbers, brands and benefits quickly after assessing your needs and standards to be complied with.

Consultative selling

TMP Réfrigération offers nothing but top-quality ventilation, heating and air conditioning installation services, an unequalled comfort and an optimal performance thanks to its tailored research and wide range of models and different brands.


As your clients’ and team’s comfort and satisfaction are the heart of our decisions, our technicians will suggest the best place to install the product, so it works efficiently and complies with the standards in place.

Quality control

For the starting-up, TMP Réfrigération checks carefully the unit and makes sure the superior installation is fully operational and offers an optimal comfort and an impeccable air quality.

Remote access

Having our quality products installed guarantees you unlimited and remote access to your devices. Stay in control of your comfort at all times, no matter where you are.

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Exclusive maintenance services for our customers

One of our residential or commercial client and need a service contract? Enjoy a preferred 24/7 emergency service and stop worrying thanks to our team of specialized technicians that will take care of everything.

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Emergency calls

You are one of our customers and you need immediate assistance to solve ventilation, heating or air conditioning problem? Call us now!

Maintenance contract

Depending on the nature of the work, such as a ventilation project or central systems, you will receive a maintenance contract with appendices, minor and major schedules and costs.

Preventive maintenance

We offer our clients an annual preventive maintenance follow-up for all ventilation, heating and air conditioning installations.

Computerized system

Our efficient preventive maintenance services are fully automated! We thought out everything perfectly!

We only work with the best products

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  • Coleman
  • Gree
  • Honeywell
  • LG
  • LifeBreath
  • Neptronic
  • Prolon
  • Saniuvox
  • Seresco
  • VanEE