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Comply with the new regulations concerning oil-fired heaters by replacing your system with an electric system

Do you want to reduce your ecological footprint while respecting your budget? You can benefit from financial assistance by carrying out your energy-efficient conversion work with the Rénoclimat, Chauffez Vert and Canadian Grant for Greener Homes programs.

The advantages of electrical systems


Hydroelectricity makes our electricity a renewable energy that has a minimal ecological footprint.


Installing a heat pump system saves you remarkable costs, because heat pumps require very little electricity to provide you with heat.

Performant and efficient

Heat pumps are efficient, even in the extreme cold of Quebec.

Optimal comfort

You will have optimal comfort all year round, because a heat pump can be used to cool your home. In addition, the electric furnace filters the air efficiently.

Space reclamation

Save space with the removal of your oil tank.

No more oil

The electrical system frees you from oil deliveries, saving you time and money.

Existing air ducts

The air ducts used with your oil system could be compatible with the electric system.

Silent system

Inverter heat pump indoor units are very quiet, you hardly notice they are running.

Choosing TMP Refrigeration for your energy transition project means having access to a team of specialists who offer you quality work, high-performance products and unparalleled after-sales service.