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Moovair instant discount
Take advantage of an instant rebate of up to $500 on the installation of a Moovair M25, M28 or Multi-Moov wall-mounted heat pump before October 30, 2023.


TMP discount on the Moovair M21
Get a Moovair M21 wall-mounted heat pump installed by our certified technicians starting at $2995 + taxes.


Discounts on our Daikin wall-mounted heat pumps
Take advantage of generous combinable discounts by having a Daikin wall-mounted heat pump installed for up to $1,100 plus taxes.


Daikin FIT discount
Raise your expectations for comfort. Now is the best time to take advantage of discounts on the installation of a Daikin Fit central system. You could get a rebate of up to $1,500 in addition to a free Daikin ONE thermostat.

March 1 to December 31, 2023

Take advantage of a direct from the manufacturer rebate of up to US$500 when you purchase an eligible Coleman product. The system must be installed between March 1 and December 31, 2023.


Replacing air conditioning and heating equipment can have substantial costs. To help you, governments have set up subsidies to allow you to carry out your work at a lower cost. The new equipment will allow you to reduce your electrical heating costs.

Please note that the information contained on this site is provided for information purposes only. It is essential to confirm eligibility, requirements, and other information with the applicable program or government sites.

The Federal Greener Homes Program

This program is a federal government grant that allows you to get up to $5,000. In Quebec, this subsidy is managed by Réno-Climat. You must have a visit from Réno-Climat before the installation of wall or central equipment. Réno-Climat will do an energy assessment of your home. Following the visit of Réno-Climat, we will be able to proceed with the installation. After our installation Réno-Climat must come back to your home to check the installations and evaluate the work.


Here is the information to join the reno-climate subcontractor in the Laurentians
Expert Bâtiment Services-Conseils Inc. evaluation@expertbatiment.ca
1 844 575-5123

Chauffez-vert Program

This program is a grant from the provincial government. This encourages you to retire equipment that uses fossil fuels such as: fuel oil and propane. With the retirement of your fossil fuel equipment you will be greener, because you will emit less greenhouse gases. Chauffez-vert is eligible for residential buildings. You could fetch up to $1275.


The Efficient Heat Pump Program

This program is a subsidy from Hydro-Québec, to encourage you to use less energy-consuming equipment. To obtain this subsidy you must complete the form on the website. The grant will give you $50 per 1000 BTU the unit produces at -8C


The Énergir subsidy program

This program is for new customers who have a natural gas furnace system that adheres to Hydro-Québec’s Bi-Energy rates by adding a heat pump to their system. You also have a subsidy for the replacement of your natural gas furnace. The subsidy for adding a heat pump to a gas furnace system is $5,500 if you become a Bi-Energie customer at Hydro-Québec. You will be entitled to $5,800 if you change the furnace and add a heat pump to your system.


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