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VanEE Air exchangers

vänEE is a leader in ventilation systems in North America. Our sophisticated products which benefit from a flawless design can be used in residences, condo towers, businesses or others, whatever their surface area.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, developed by engineers with the issue of indoor air quality at heart, our air exchangers allow efficient circulation of air in a building, without heat loss. and without excessive energy consumption. In addition to promoting optimal air quality, our ventilation systems allow us to control the humidity level, and thus avoid air that is too dry or too humid.

vänEE expertise is well recognized in Quebec and elsewhere. The installation of our air exchangers in your home or business will significantly improve air quality, by promoting optimal ventilation.
Since 1980, the company has done everything possible to work to improve indoor air in residences, high-rise buildings and businesses of all kinds. ENERGY STAR certified, our air exchangers are eco-responsible, in addition to being durable. Superior quality air exchangers.