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Simple and multizones Daikin Aurora wall-mounted heat pump

Short description

With the Daikin AURORA heat pump, total control means having the ability to choose the desired temperature and being able to maintain it regardless of the outside temperature. Specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Aurora offers excellent energy efficiency, thus reducing operating costs by nearly 30% compared to conventional systems. With its increased capacity, this heat pump is capable of maintaining 100% of its performance from -15°C to 46°C. This is the ideal solution for constant air conditioning and heating while maximizing energy savings. Whether you choose single or multi-zone, a multitude of indoor unit styles are available to meet all needs.

Technical details

  • 12-year limited warranty on parts by the manufacturer
  • 12-year option on available labor
  • Energy Star and NEEP approved
  • Operates in heating mode up to -25°C with 100% capacity to -15°C
  • Quiet operation
  • Long-lasting washable filters
  • Optional Wi-Fi and mobile app
  • Financing available