Turnkey commercial projects

Carrying out important turnkey ventilation, heating or air conditioning projects is something our highly skilled technicians are simply good at. They will do anything in their power to guarantee you an excellent level of satisfaction and comfort!

Air conditioning and heating

Ensure your customers’ comfort, comply with strict standards and reduce your maintenance costs with our experts’ advice and our air conditioning and heating installation and maintenance services.


Reduce levels of pollutants and contaminants and maintain good air quality and optimal comfort by calling on our outstanding sales and ventilation system installation services.


TMP Réfrigération can remotely control any commercial, industrial or institutional ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems to optimize its efficiency and guarantee an optimal ambient temperature.

Wide range of customers


Our commercial customers in the Hautes-Laurentides are multifamily housings, restaurants, drug stores, corner stores, car washes, retirement homes and much more.


Some of our projects:

  • Résidence des Laurentides
  • Le Grand Manitou in Mont-Tremblant
  • Restaurant La Forge Bistro-Bar & Grill in Mont-Tremblant
  • StoneHaven Le Manoir


Among its industrial customers in the Hautes-Laurentides, TMP Réfrigération offers its ventilation, air conditioning and heating sales, installation and maintenance services to important plants and warehouses.


Some of our projects:

  • Boat warehouses
  • Entrepôt J.L. Brisette
  • Ingénia Technologies
  • Nature Zen


Day-care centres, schools and hospitals are among our Hautes-Laurentides institutional clients benefiting from our ventilation, heating and air conditioning installations.


Some of our projects:

  • Fire halls
  • Day-care centres
  • Réseau BIBLIO des Laurentides
  • Gaston-Miron Library

Rooftop units complete service

Enjoy a turnkey project meeting the strictest standards and foreseeing the use of high quality and optimal monobloc rooftop and make-up air unit products. Comfort and production optimization are guaranteed!

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Technicians always on the lookout for new products

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Exclusive maintenance services for our customers

You are our client and need a service contract? Benefit from a privileged emergency assistance and a maintenance services with appendices, minor and major recommendations and the costs automatically.

Understanding your needs

We analyze your needs and make recommendations for all your ventilation, heating and air conditioning projects. We will customize your projects and understand your needs and requirements throughout the process.

Detailed quote

We will submit a transparent quote detailing model numbers, brands and benefits quickly after assessing your needs and standards to be complied with.

Consultative selling

TMP Réfrigération offers nothing but top-quality superior ventilation, heating and air conditioning installation service, an unequalled comfort and an optimal performance thanks to its tailored research and wide range of models and different brands.


As your clients’ and team’s comfort and satisfaction are the heart of our decisions, our technicians will suggest the best place to install the product, so it works efficiently and complies with the standards in place.

Quality control

For the starting-up, TMP Réfrigération checks carefully the unit and makes sure that the superior installation is fully operational and offers an optimal comfort and an impeccable air quality.

Remote access

Thanks to TMP Refrigeration’s high-tech computerized system, you can adjust the temperature as you like from anywhere you are without moving and worrying.

La Résidence des Laurentides

Ventilation, air conditioning, heating and indoor pool

Restaurant La Forge

Ventilation and refrigeration, commercial hood with fire protection system

Le Grand Manitou

Ventilation, air conditioning and heating

Stonehaven Le Manoir

Ventilation, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and commercial hood

Food production plant


Multifamily house indoor greenhouse ventilation


We only work with the best products

Discover our products
  • Belimo
  • Copeland
  • Engineered Air
  • FloAire
  • ProVent HCE
  • KeepRite
  • Norbec
  • Opéra
  • RefPlus
  • RenewAire
  • TTCF
  • Tecumneh

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